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Naner Reflection

Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 9 years, 2 months ago

t's the beginning of the day, I'm exhausted. we just got back to the Multi-Purpose room. breathing normally I stand impatiently talking with my group of friends, trying to see the good side of this part but the worst was but to come! Ms.Edwards stands short but is like the boss she says about twelve names and then shocking death "Ooh no" I say to myself. "Kenndra" oh no who is with me? a small lady raises her hand, I grip and hold on to my writing folder praying oh this is a mistake.......but it isn't. I walk slowly over there and do a little jump and i say a "hello""  and put on the pretend good morning smile, but who know what lies behind HER smile? I stand by her I smell her perfume, makes me sneeze. We exchange cards, relief I know what to talk about. Okay okay i now know her name is Kana Maramatsu? I read her card "Holy Molly shes from Japan!!! that's totally wicked." she looks at me and says "Hi I'm Kana, your name is Kenndra? " I say "yup' she laughs I give her the faint uneasy laugh the

" hehehuuuhh"



Ms.Edwards shouts, " Go to your homeroom." I lead, taking my folder I loosen my grip and relax try not to trip going down the hallway. We get there I assume my usual seat in the back, I like the back, she sits down in the desk to the left of me. I look at her card and her favorite food is sushi. okay I look at her I can just sense she is looking through me.


Me: "So you like Kit-Kat's?"

Kana: "yeah you like them too?"

me: " I'll eat them once in a while my favorite is Reese's its dddaaahhhh bomb or shall i say the king of candies!!!

WHY thank yah!! ohhnnn ooohhn chigga chigga chooo!!!!!!"

Kana: "oh yeah those are good to eat also."

me: "yeah i also like I.C.P.''

Kana: "who?"

me: "please tell me your joking? uuuggghh the "insane clown posse" they rock!!! i love them i like shaggy to dope violent jay monoxide Jamie madrox roc to live crew amb abk and suga tuff tony  i love them all!!!"

Kana : "ooh.?"

me: "well whats it like in japan?"

She tells me about her old school how she always rode her bike to school, oh yes, then how they has to dress, she didn't seem to mind wearing them but she liked her friends i could tell. She told me the name of her parents and i totally forgot them but i do know she gets to see them. I also know she likes this band called "maroon5".

Kana was funny she told me about japan and the food there. I am pretty grateful its not everyday that you get to meet new and exotic people.


Them coming to the school, in my opinion was very totally awesome. i like just talking and making her laugh and to just be Naner, to just hang out.

During that whollleeeeee lunch period i was all chillax.






Ms. Edwards said

at 5:27 pm on Oct 7, 2010

Great use of emotion and dialogue throughout your writing.

Let's edit.

dragan said

at 10:29 am on Oct 12, 2010

haha good details and description.

dragan said

at 10:29 am on Oct 12, 2010

and dialogue

mondi said

at 10:38 am on Oct 12, 2010

that awesome how you put the discussion between you guys

Kana Muramatsu said

at 10:01 pm on Oct 28, 2010

I'm glad you remebered our conversation. From your dialogue, I can feel this experience was really fresh for both of us. Good job!

naner said

at 10:26 am on Nov 1, 2010
Reply Delete

Thank you
I'm glad you liked it.
I had fun talking to you Kana :)


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