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WSU Wiki Info

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Wiki How To


Sign up for  Coyote Winks (drafts); if possible also Coyote Talks (published)



Mentor Main Task: A) Compliment a phrase or paragraph of wonderful words;

B) Offer one or two suggestions



Play around in the Sandbox !

Access and Accounts


How do I get access to the wiki?


Request access by clicking the link:




Enter your email address and in the comment area, write "WSU Student Mentor"


How to Create Your Account and Monitor your Profile:

I will approve your access and you will receive an email with a link to create your account. Enter your email and a password you will remember (write it down :)  .  


Important: to avoid unnecessary email from pbworks, do this: uncheck "enable email notifications" and select at lower left "At most once per week." Otherwise, you will receive notifications of all the changes on this site.  Just check the student Table of Contents pages to find your partner's updated work. You can always return to this page by clicking "account" to the right of your user name and then clicking "Home." 



You can adjust your profile, by clicking the profile button.  Uncheck the "Let registered users see my email address" to keep your email address private. Be sure to click "Save."




If you click your name instead of "account," this will appear, and you can check notices on this page also (see bottom left of image). Be sure to click "Save."



Thank you for joining us!



Create a Page



How do I create a page?


First Way to Create a Page


If you are on the Front Page, click Pages and Files:




Next, hold down "New" and select "Create A Page"




Second Way to Create a Page


Go to a page you can edit and at right will be a "Create a Page" link:



How do I insert and edit a picture?


If you are in "edit" mode -- look to the right in the sidebar under Page Tools and click on the tab "Images and Files" as shown. Notice the "upload file" link to upload images and files. You can also drag and drop images to your page now.



Notice that if you scroll down images window, you can insert a file from a URL.


To edit an image, double click the image to get to this window:



PB Works Support Center



PBWorks Support Center



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