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WSU Questions

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WSU Project Schedules

Questions About the Project


If anyone has questions about the project, please ask here. 

If you know the answer to a question, please answer it.


Format: Please copy this format:







WSU Student Role

What is my role as a WSU Student mentor?


We at Nespelem School are so delighted to have students to help us with our writing. Your role is to encourage our students to revise their first and second drafts into more powerful expressions of their ideas. How do you do that? Just like we do when we offer each other feedback, although we are still learning how. Either edit the student's wiki page or add a comment to the student's wiki page to:


  1. Identify and celebrate what's already well done: a good idea, a catchy phrase, strong verbs, precise nouns, details, an attitude or personality (voice), figurative language
  2. Be aware that the most powerful writing includes:
    1. precise nouns
    2. vivid verbs (action)
    3. description (sights/sounds -- imagery)
    4. details (explanations, examples, experiences, evidence, elaboration)
    5. Often: dialogue, as appropriate
    6. Of course: all organized 
  3. Encourage and suggest two areas of improvement by asking questions: 


  • What is the most important part (event, emotion, experience, person)?
  • For memoir: Did you include setting and emotions?  Describe setting. What did you think and feel? Slow down and stretch the experience.
  • Have you described it in details?
  • Where can you add/substitute strong verbs?
  • Where would dialogue fit so your reader understands the characters?
  • I wonder what you mean by  ________________...? 
  • Could you describe the sights and sounds of ... ?
  • If this (_______) happens here, what would happen next? 
  • Would transition words help the reader? 


We will let you know when the student writing is ready for feedback; check the Student Writing Table of Contents page.


For the memoir project the WSU students will interact with the Nespleem students four times:

1. Idea/Discovery Stage - Face-to-face 9/23

2. Peer Interview Stage - via "Voice-thread" and editing on the Wiki

3. Family/Object Stage - via "Voice-thread" and editing on the Wiki

4. Cultural Relevance and Final Project Stage - via "Voice-thread" and providing peer evaluations on the Wiki (WSU students giving a letter grade to the Nespleem students on the quality of the final Memoir and the Nespleem students giving a letter grade to their WSU student on the quality of their feedback)


Topic: Revision


What should students know about revision (EALR: 3.1.1) ?


To introduce students to revision, I share Randy Koch's lesson: http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource/1793

From that, we created the following revision reminder lists:

For grades 7 & 8: W78 Revision Tips

For grades 5 & 6: W56 Revision Tips

ARMS Strategy: Add, Remove, Move, Substitute -- W5678 ARMS Revision Tips
















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