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WW Powerful Writing

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Writers Way

WW Lessons


Good Writing Is


What is good writing? Here's our list from discussions.

Description: describes what something looks like or sounds like
Example: Lapping continuously on the shore, the glistening waves slapped onto the beach like warrior elves sparkling to war against the knaves by the blue light of the full moon.

Detail:  Adds who, what, when, why, where, how information (specific)
Example: Sam, net in hand, marched quickly into the gym to catch the rascal raccoon that had scooted into our school after a frosty night.

Strong Verbs:  Action (can it be done?) --- pulls, slips, yells
Example: I slipped on the rail, dropped to the ground, and tumbled into the lake.

Emotions: How were you feeling? How was the character feeling? How do the characters feel about each other?
Example: I dropped into the chair and sighed, exhausted from jogging five miles to keep in shape for basketball, but excited to be ready for the team.

Thoughts: What are the characters thinking? imagining? wondering? Example: I thought, “What if I fall?”

Example: an anecdote, evidence, for instance, for example (Africa is a sleeping giant; The dog was as big as a polar bear -- compared Africa to a giant; big dog to a polar bear)

Dialogue: include conversations between characters to SHOW what is happening
“No!” I yelled. “I won’t take my shoes off.”

“But you’ll freeze with that wet leather,” pleaded Mom.

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