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WSU Project Schedules

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Writers Way

Memoir Information

WSU Questions


Schedule of Project Activities



September 23rd: Visit Nespelem School




We are excited to meet you. The students are excited to have WSU mentors in writing to join their math/science mentors. 


1. Could each WSU student please create an index card (or 1/2 sheet of paper) with the following information:



2. Please sign up with a student at the grade level you prefer. I will email the list of first names/grade level. That will save time when we break up into mentor teams of WSU:Nespelem students.


Thank you !


The Visit Schedule


(If arrive before 10:30, we will provide a tour of the school for you then)


10:30 Arrival to Multi-Purpose Room for Icebreakers*

11:20 Intro to Project (Sheri) and Mentor Match-up

11:30 WSU Mentors and NSD Students take writing folders to homerooms to:


Complete in order as you have time.

  • Share Index cards, if not already done during icebreaker;
  • Students share poems and first memoir (pre-unit writing); discuss strong points;
  • Discuss further ideas for memoir writing and add to Idea Lists;
  • Complete the “What is good writing sheet?” with mentor.  What do they think is good writing?
  • Start a writing prompt with mentor:


11:45 Lunch Schedule - continue sharing cards, poems, memoir, writing folders, idea list until and during lunch


  • 11:45 Sixth Grade and Mentors grab sack lunch and eat in sixth grade homeroom
  • 11:50 Seventh Grade and Mentors grab sack lunch and eat in seventh grade homeroom
  • 11:55 Eighth Grade and Mentors grab sack lunch and eat in eighth grade homeroom
  • 12:00 Fifth Grade and Mentors grab sack lunch and eat in fifth grade homeroom


12:15 Nespelem Student Recess; WSU students meet in eighth grade homeroom for further questions/information/school tour

12:45 Sixth Grade to Writing Class -- share wiki with WSU students

1:00 WSU Tour


* Note: We may need to break the icebreaker section into two sessions
10:30-11:00 5 & 6 in multipurpose room; 7 & 8 in homerooms
11:00-11:20 7 & 8 in multipurpose room; 5 & 6 in homerooms

If so, homerooms groups and mentors will have an activity and direction sheet I provide.

Post Visit


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