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I am legend

By tans

Is your Science fiction movie better than this one?


This movie is about a guy named Robert Neville was stuck in New York. And a lot of people was infected and was killing everyone. And Robert was trying to help the people. But he cannot find a cure for it. Robert hade a dog named Sam. That he hade to kill because his dog got infected. Then two people shows up that one not infected. And they found a cure. They wonted to help them. He also hade a family that died because the of the infected people.



 The main characters are Robert. N and Anna the older girl, and Ethan the little boy. They are the ones that found the cure. They also found the way out of New York. The actors that play them are will smith as Robert, Alice Braga as Anna, Charlie tahan as Ethen. I think that they did a good job, because it is a good movie. And when Robert runs so dose the camera. When it was dark and the monster found his house they hade to run a way in the dark. The costumes are regular  close and the monster where torn close. the action is he shouts out let me help you  I can help you.










June /2/2008
by Tans
If I was


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