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Try some sentences yourself by completing this activity.


1. Make a list of Halloween characters, actions, places, props, and mood/weather.

Note-- make a chart: Note: the words across rows do not need to match; just make lists.


Characters Actions Places Props Mood/Weather
witch screeches dark sky broom stormy
ghost flies haunted house oak tree candy bag
goblin sneaks bushes scary face full moon
princess prances sidewalk dress frosty
 m&m surprises porch candy creepy
.cheerleader .yelling .woods .poms foggy
.basketball .playing .house .basketball .dark
.Queen .orders .trees .crown .cloudy
.gloth .sarcy .schools .Black shoes .cold
.wizard .magic .Jaksons .magic wands .windy
.Girls .skipping .stores .make up .yelling
.Rabbit .Hopping .old house"s .carrots .spooky
.superman .Flying .Omak .Cape .scracing





A compound sentence combines two sentences into one using a comma and a conjunction, such as and, or , but.



Read these examples:

A witch screeched across the dark sky on her broom. The ghost flew through the windows in the haunted house.


A witch screeched across the dark sky on her broom, and the ghost flew through the windows in the haunted house.


Now write your own sentences, and turn them into compound sentences:


  The witch fly at night and dark skys and the The witch fly at night and dark skys The little witchs went to the dark sky on her broom,and she yelling at kids in Omak. And the gosht are flying threw the sky then they went down to the houses and he saw some boys and he took the candy and they scary like little girls. And the goblins sneaks into the bushes, and some little girls and boys, the goblin jump out and they ran a way to mom. princess lost her mp3 player and a prince found it and went to her and ask if that was her mp3 player she sayed yes, and he ask if he can go with her to a old houses to get candy. A little boy went by as a m&m to go to get a candy bag, and he went in a spooky night.



2. Use the words from the chart to create Halloween paragraphs of compound sentences. Remember to place your comma before the conjunction, or you won't have a correctly written sentence.


  • Example:


A witch screeched across the dark sky on her broom, and the ghost flew through the windows in the haunted house. The princess screamed at the ghostly flights, but her little brother laughed. Then a goblin grabbed his bag of candy, and the princess squealed as the fog followed the goblin away. The princess and her brother scampered across the frosty lawn back towards their red brick house, and the wind forced them forward. They pushed open the front door to their house, and dad stood in the living room with a goblin mask in his hand. "Dad!" Todd exclaimed, "You fooled me again this year!"




3. Share your paragraphs.  Type them on this page after you have had them checked by your editor: Compound Scares

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