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Compound Scares

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Compound Scares 



compound sentences



Halloween Paragraphs with Compound Sentences






 A witch screeched across the dark sky on her broom, and the ghost flew through the windows in the haunted house. The princess screamed at the ghostly flights, but her little brother laughed. Then a goblin grabbed his bag of candy, and the princess squealed as the fog followed the goblin away. The princess and her brother scampered across the frosty lawn back towards their red brick house, and the wind forced them forward. They pushed open the front door to their house, and dad stood in the living room with a goblin mask in his hand. "Dad!" Todd exclaimed, "You fooled me again this year!"



Copy your final paragraph onto this page (Your Turn Section below), taking turns with your other team members. Only one team or person can edit a page at a time, otherwise the work may be lost.



Your Turn:


Zombie 8

Student 7





A compound sentence combines two sentences into one using a comma and a conjunction, such as and, or , but.




Great Examples !  Now try to complete your story---- Great descriptions, nifty nouns, and vivid verbs!




A witch screeched through the dark sky on a broom stick on a stormy night, as ghosts fly in an orange sky through haunted houses and by oak  trees. Goblins sneak through the bushes with kids' candy on a full moon night, as zombies stager through the streets eating birds on a cloudy night. Hairy monster stomps through the woods with kids' candy bags on a clear night, but fat, juicy hot dogs sizzle on a plate with ketchup on Halloween.





 Spiderman8 1 9

Grade 8



The grim reeper ran down the road screaming with a vacuum cleaner, and the abominable snowman was chasing him with a mop. The goblin sneaks in the bushes with candy in the full moon light, and the princess cries for help.

The zombie flew threw the sky, and the witch soaring on her broom.  They boxed it out, dodging and darting, dipping and diving trying to be the dominate spook.





 Goblin 6 7

Student 6

Grade 7





  A witch named Angel screeched through the dark sky on a frosty night, and the the mad goblin flew in the haunted house with his creepy candy bag.


  Caption Jack Sparrow surprised the little children by the light of the full moon on the scary night, and the Gothic galloped down the sidewalk with his saggy pants.The Princess walked with her magic wand down to the bright yellow house, but the vampire growled at the princess while she was walking, making her giggle. The ghost sneaked into the bushes to scare the scream person when he sprinted by, but he just laughed when the ghost jumped out.T he devil prances to get candy and fruit on a night that was foggy.












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